Why Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company? Imagine coming home after a long day at work ready to relax and unwind only to be hit with a tidal wave of water. It happens to approximately 14000 people in the U.S. daily. This translates to 1.6% of homes that experience water damage every year. Water damage often stems from various sources including storm bursts damaged roofs and gutters flooding and leaking pipes. The excess water can cause damage to your home or business. While you may be tempted to fix it yourself you could worsen the situation especially if you lack adequate knowledge and skills. Heres why you should hire a water damage restoration company. Why is Timely Water Restoration Important? Water damage can ruin your home or business if not contained in time. But timely intervention can minimize or prevent the further extent of the damage. Therefore as soon as you notice excess water in your house you should contact the right professionals to perform water removal and damage repair services. Here are some reasons for timely water restoration; Prevent mold growth: Molds thrive in moist environments. They can grow in cracks behind walls and underneath your floor. However speedy intervention can prevent mold growth in your house. Health and safety: Flooding can cause various infections and diseases. Restoration services ensure sanitation and prevent the spread of contaminants. Protect your valuables: Leaks and broken pipes can destroy your valuables including furniture and important paperwork. Prompt response can minimize these losses. Save money: Delayed water restoration services could ultimately cost more in the long run. Youll have to make a call at some point so its better to do it right away. Reasons for Hiring a Restoration Company When theres excess water flooding your house you might want to put your DIY skills to the test trying to mitigate the damage. However you may not have the knowledge experience and equipment to conduct water damage restoration effectively. And this is why you should hire a water damage repair company in Corpus Christi TX. Here are a few more reasons: Latest technologies and specialized equipment Dealing with a flood is a difficult task requiring specialized tools and equipment. Many homeowners dont have these because they never imagined their houses being flooded in the first place. The right water restoration company has all the tools and technologies to detect leaks and moisture and dry it out quickly and efficiently. This includes powerful suction pumps air filters high-grade pumps vacuums and dehumidifiers. You also need adequate workforce to complete the job on time which is almost always more than one person. Safe mold remediation Hidden moisture provides a breeding ground for mold. So while you might attempt to dry out the water yourself chances are you might miss out on some damp areas. Mold if left alone can impact your respiratory tract. Therefore you must eliminate any hidden moisture that could encourage mold growth.This is why you should hire professionals to ensure safe mold remediation. Help with insurance claims If you plan to make a water damage insurance claim you must provide correct and in-depth details about the damage and restoration services cost. This will help you claim a fair share from the insurance company. Restoration professionals will document all the details correctly making the claims process easier. Because they have the experience they know what exactly to include in their report to help speed things up. In case of misunderstandings with your insurance company the restoration crew can present detailed proof of the damage. Skills crafted with years of experience Even if given all the industrial equipment and protective clothing you still wont perform DIY repairs correctly without the necessary skills and experience. Therefore you need a restoration company that has been in the game long enough to master the ins and outs of every water damage scenario. These professionals will leverage their skills and years of experience to quickly identify water problems and create solutions before the damage further spreads. Moreover they can also conduct a thorough assessment of the damage and provide professional advice concerning the extent of it. For instance whether or not you should replace your drywall furniture or appliances and more. What Should You Ask a Restoration Company Before Hiring? A few questions will go a long way in ensuring you find the best restoration company in Corpus Christi. Wondering what to ask? Here are some questions: Do you have experience? You want to ensure that the team has experience working with various water damage issues. This way you can trust them to handle any water damage in your house. Are you certified and insured? Typically water damage restoration companies arent required to be licensed although this depends on your location. For example the state of Texas does not require a license for water damage restoration. However seek a company that is certified by IICRC. This certification is a good indicator of the companys knowledge and expertise. Also anything could happen during the restoration process. So you want to ensure that the company is insured and that the policy can cover any costs that arise. How long will the restoration process take? You want your property to be fixed as soon as possible. However this will depend on the type and severity of the damage. A good restoration company should provide a realistic timeline and stick to it (that is after assessing the damage). Hire a Water Damage Repair Company Today Trying to restore water damage yourself can be difficult and may cause further damage and potential health issues. This is why you need to hire a professional group of technicians. These guys have everything to provide a thorough restoration service from skills and experience to the right tools equipment technology and workforce. Want to hire a water damage restoration company? Contact us today to get connected! FAQs Can you get sick from water damage? Yes. You could develop health issues if you dont deal with water damage immediately. For instance the moisture could lead to mold which may cause symptoms like runny nose coughing sneezing and breathing problems. What are the benefits of water mitigation? Water mitigation minimizes or prevents further damage after water intrusion or flooding occurs. By taking immediate action to extract standing water and dry out affected areas you can limit the extent of the damage and prevent secondary problems like structural damage and mold growth. What is the difference between water mitigation and water damage restoration? Water mitigation involves stopping the immediate flow of water assessing mitigation efforts needed extracting the water and drying out the property. On the other hand water damage restoration is the process of repairing and fixing a water-damaged home or property. The goal is to return the property to its original condition before the damage. Water mitigation is just a part of the overall water damage restoration process. 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